Essential Tuxedo Rental Guide

Grooms always have much lesser choices when it comes to the suits and dressings for the big day. So unfair! And in Singapore, after spending a bomb on almost everything, grooms often cannot find the best suit.

But rest assured. You will always get the tuxedo that matches your wedding expectations. Rental services have put in place measures that provide quality services for their clients. These services providers are flexible and open to deliberations. This means that what you only need to do is approach one of them and state your desires. Upon agreement, you will have secured yourself a Tuxedo rental Singapore for that important day in your life.

Ask for samples of work that the tailors have been done. Those that do a good job should not have a problem with providing samples upon request.

You can also bring clothes that need minor alterations and test the tailors. How long do they take to finish the work required? What is the quality of workmanship?


Harness the power of the internet

When personal recommendations fail to net you a great tailor in singapore, then take time to harness the power of the internet for the same purpose.

You need to start a forum thread that requires people to recommend the best tailors in the business that are within your locale. You will be amazed at how helpful people are.

You should also browse the web and read online reviews related to Singaporean tailoring matters. Be on the lookout for tuxedo tailors who have high ratings and very positive reviews. Make a shortlist consisting of the highly rated tailors and check them out.



Check tailors out

Once you have a good number of tailors on your shortlist, you need to check out those that come highly recommended. If possible, take time to go to their shops and see how they work. Do they have fair labor practices? Do they use high quality materials? Is there demand for their services?

Take your time to find a good tailor. That way, you can use his services for a long time to come with minimal hassles.

Planning Your Wedding Themes

wedding theme

You should not plan for a wedding without considering a wedding theme. Like it or not, having a wedding theme is a necessity. A theme enables you to select other aspects of your wedding like the venue, outfits, and food and cake, and even photography styles. It keeps you sane because it limits distractions in your selection choices.

wedding love theme

Consider What Is Special To You Both

What do you and your spouse-to-be hold dear? Where did the two of you meet? What do you love to do in your free time?

When planning your wedding themes, consider something that is special to you both. For example, if you met at a football match, consider having a related wedding theme. In such a case, your cake could be shaped like a football, your venue could be held on a football pitch, and your theme colors could be black and white.

Using a theme that is related to something that you consider special and dear to your heart allows you to share with your guests your passion. It will also make your wedding day more memorable to everyone including the two of you.

exotic themes

Your Favorite Colors

Your favorite colors can be the theme for your wedding. Should you choose colors as your source of inspiration, every aspect of your wedding would have to fall in line with your chose color scheme.

For example, if you love pink, you could choose to use white and tints of your favorite color. The simple monochromatic scheme should be reflected in the kind of venue that you choose as well as the wedding outfits, photography style, and even décor.

Ensure that you select a wedding theme that you like and stick to it. It will make your wedding planning much easier.